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Kirov Series

Volume I - Kirov
A strange accident sends the most powerful battlecruiser on earth careening through a breach in the year 1941!  Now the Royal Navy begins the hunt for a deadly new ship they believe is a new German commerce raider. But as Kirov runs the Denmark Strait, she poses a threat to the lives of Churchill and Roosevelt, both at sea for their first meeting at the Atlantic Charter. Exciting naval action in “The Russian Final Countdown.”


Kirov II - Cauldron Of Fire

Kirov II - Cauldron Of Fire
Sailing across the Atlantic and into the Mediterranean Sea in search of life, Kirov again shifts in time to the year 1942 where she is soon surrounded by enemies and embroiled in one of the largest Air/Sea battles of the war: Operation Pedestal. Sailing for safe waters beyond Gibraltar she is confronted by the full might of the Royal Navy and a curious man at Bletchley Park who begins to unravel the deepening mystery surrounding the ship.


Kirov III - Pacific Storm

Kirov III - Pacific Storm
Kirov finds herself again in the dangerous waters of the Coral Sea in 1942. Discovered by a Japanese fleet poised to invade Port Darwin, the ship now faces its most dangerous and determined challenge ever when they are stalked by the powerful Japanese 5th Carrier Division and confronted by an enemy task force led by the battleship Yamato and an admiral determined to sink this phantom ship, or die trying.



Kirov Saga - Men Of War
Kirov returns home to a changed world, yet the respite won by Karpov’s restraint is short lived, and the world edges closer to war. Now Fedorov launches a dangerous mission to the past to find Orlov while Karpov leads the Red Banner Pacific Fleet to a standoff with the US Navy. Exciting action, both future and past, with intrigue and mystery as the officers of Kirov struggle to prevent the Great War from ever happening.

How to Read the Kirov Series

Spoken of as “The Russian Final Countdown,” the Kirov series follows the exploits of a powerful modern Russian battlecruiser displaced in time as a result of an accident, and appearing in the 1940s to become embroiled in the conflict of WWII.

The 16 books in this series are divided into four sets. Set 1 is the opening trilogy, Books 1-3, and the sequel in Book 4, which acts as a ‘bridge novel’ to set 2.

The best way to enter the series is Book 1, where you will meet all the main characters and learn their inner motivations, but you can also enter any set desired by reading the bridge novel that precedes it. For example, to enter set 2, (Books 5-8) begin by reading book 4, Men of War.

Action in this first set is intense and naval centered as Kirov duels with the Royal Navy and US Atlantic fleets of 1941 and 1942, and then moves to the Pacific to tangle with the Japanese. In the bridge novel Men Of War, the ship has returned to the Present (2021), where they struggle to conceal the truth of what happened to them in the looming shadow of a new war.




Kirov Saga - 9 Days Falling
Fedorov launches his daring mission to the past...But other from the dark corners of Whitehall to the KGB continue to stalk Orlov in that distant era, led by Captain John Haselden and the men of 30 Commando. Kirov puts to sea commanded by Captain Vladimir Karpov. He is soon confronted by American Carrier Strike Group Five in a tense standoff at sea that threatens to explode into violence at any moment.



Kirov Saga- Altered States
The Kirov saga evolves to a new series in Altered States, an alternate history of the WWII naval war in the west. Kirov moves to the North Atlantic, where they soon become embroiled in the struggle between the Royal Navy and a resurgent Kriegsmarine. With new ships built under Plan Z, Germany poses a grave challenge and Kirov must again choose which side to support as they steam for a fateful meeting with Sergei Kirov in Murmansk.


The Grand Alliance Trilogy begins as Fedorov struggles to forge a union of understanding between the British forces from two generations. While at sea, another grand alliance is formed to confront the powerful Axis fleets. Naval battles rage as the Italian fleet, and then the Franco German fleet engage their deadly modern adversaries from another time. Meanwhile, Rommel’s first offensive meets a formidible challenger at the Battle of Bir El Khamsa.



Kirov Saga - Fallen Angels
The explosive events of 9 Days Falling have sent Kirov to 1945 where Karpov now boldly confronts the massive US Navy and faces Bull Halsey in a decisive battle with the battleship Iowa. Meanwhile Orlov is stalked by Fedorov, Troyak, and  Haselden’s commando team, even as the war in 2021 escalates when American bombers launch strategic air strikes on the Chinese mainland and receive a devastating reprisal.



Kirov Saga- Darkest Hour
Continuing the Altered State saga, Volsky and Fedorov meet Sergie Kirov and soon learn that Karpov is alive in the Free Siberian State. They intervene to support the Soviet Navy against a German commerce raider, and launch a mission sending Sgt Troyak to Ilanskiy to try and seal the time rift Meanwhile, the British confront the French Fleet at Mers-el-Kebir and a strange box of intelligence files is discovered ay Bletchley Park which becomes a profound mystery.


In Hammer of God, The struggle for supremacy in the Middle east continues as the British launch a daring invasion of both Syria and Iraq. With resources strained to the limit, they count on Brigadier Kinlan’s elite modern 7th Armored Brigade to weigh heavily in the balance. But the Germans have a few surprises of their own, and Fedorov must lead a mobile force into the desert in an effort to aid the British in their hour of need. The action continues as Karpov returns in Crescendo of Doom.



Kirov Saga - Devil’s Garden
Fedorov and Troyak have finally found Orlov, but the German army is coming!  Now they must lead a daring assault with Russian Naval Marines in a struggle to get their man before the Germans do. While Admiral Volsky and Pavel Kamenski search the history for clues of what happened to the Red Banner Fleet, Karpov and his intrepid ship appear in a new era with a chance to change the future history of Russia and the world with a bold new  campaign at sea.



Kirov Saga- Hinge Of Fate
France has joined the Axis and the British fight a major battle off Dakar, and get a rude awakening when they are confronted by the powerful battleship Normandie, Then the Germans set their sights on the vital base at Gibraltar, as Operation Felix pushes the war in a new and dangerous direction. Meanwhile, Troyak gets a mission to Siberia, where Karpov now leads a flotilla of zeppelin airships dueling with Ivan Volkov. But paradox threatens them all.


Crescendo Of Doom sees Karpov and Volkov locking horns in the skies above Ilanskiy in a massive airship duel. Meanwhile Rommel launches his second offensive against Tobruk and faces a devastating counterattack by the new British Heavy Armor Brigade under Brigadier Kinlan.The story soon leads to the onset of another naval chase as the Hindenburg moves west through Gibraltar to the Atlantic and Tovey gives chase... With Kirov at his side.



Kirov Saga - Armageddon
The lines of fate have brought the most powerful ship in the world to a decisive place in history. But it is not just the fate of a single nation at stake now, but that of all the world. Now Admiral Volsky must do everything possible to launch a final mission aboard the nuclear attack submarine Kazan. The journey to the Sea of Japan becomes a perilous one when the Americans and Japanese begin to hunt the submarine in the dangerous waters of 2021.



Kirov Saga- Three Kings
Both sides plan their strategy for the war as attention is now focused on Egypt and Libya. The British launch their first counteroffensive of the war, leading Germany so dispatch the legendary Erwin Rommel with a powerful new Afrika Korps. Meanwhile, a mission to the desert creates a MAJOR new event which will have a decisive impact on the outcome of the war, and new arrivals join the Grand alliance forming in the next set.


In Paradox Hour, Karpov continues his hunt for Ivan Volkov while Volsky and Tovey launch a mission to chase down the German fleet as it breaks out into the Atlantic. The campaign soon focuses on the fate of a single warship carrying a most important cargo, yet in the thick of the action, Kirov begins to encounter a number of strange effects, and must soon face the judgment of Paradox as the hour of its first coming to the past draws near.

Set II is comprised of the 9 Days Falling Trilogy and its sequel Armageddon, which also acts as a ‘bridge novel’ to introduce set III in the series.

Action in Set II features the onset of a great war in 2021, as tensions rise over 9 days of conventional combat before the outbreak of the strategic missile war on the final day. The war is centered in the world’s vital energy centers, but begins in the Pacific in a squabble between China and Japan that becomes a maelstrom that soon pulls both Russia and the US into the conflict.

Time displacement here first sends Kirov to 1945 where the ship confronts the powerful US Pacific fleet, and then goes all the way back to to 1908, where the Russians think they might reverse the defeat of 1905 at Tsushima and restore Russia as a major power in the Pacific.

Estranged from the ship’s Captain, Karpov, the Russians try to prevent a catastrophic intervention by Kirov in 1908 by sending back their best hunter killer sub, Kazan to try and stalk the battlecruiser.

Set III is the Altered States trilogy and its sequel and Bridge Novel Three Kings. Here Kirov is displaced to a new time line in 1940, a full year before its first arrival in book 1 in July of 1941. Now they find that their actions in earlier books have radically altered the world, particularly their homeland of Russia, which is now divided into three warring states.

This time Kirov Sides with the British, thinking a firm alliance that is preserved into modern times might prevent the great war in 2021. The Altered States trilogy now pits Kirov against a powerful new foe, the Kriegsmarine, with new ships from the Plan Z naval buildup.

As the trilogy ends, Germany attacks Gibraltar in a major point of divergence in the war, and now events move to the Western Desert in Three Kings, where two skilled generals face off against one another and Kirov joins the British Eastern Med Fleet to oppose a powerful Axis fleet from three nations.

Unexpected arrivals set up the action for Set IV, beginning with  “Grand Alliance.” Read the Altered States set by entering from Book 8, Armageddon.and read the Grand Alliance set by entering from Book 12, Three Kings.

In set IV, all the action from North Africa,and the British campaigns in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq are covered, along with several major naval engagements in the Med, and a huge airship duel over the vital hamlet Of Ilanskiy.

This set concludes in the bridge novel Paradox Hour, and the series then enters its third saga or season with the premier of Doppelganger in March of 2015.


“Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, ~ The Shadow of the Wind








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