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The war that began in 2025 reaches a dramatic conclusion here in the season seven finale. After neutralizing Chinese forces on Amami and landing on Okinawa, Admiral Cook now brings his carriers north into the East China Sea towards the Goto Islands, stopping only to replenish after the scuttling of the Big Stick. Four US carrier Strike Groups will prove to be more than enough, with Washington and Independence assigned to the Miyako Islands battle against Wu Jinlong, while Enterprise and JFK take on the Goto Islands.

As the US prepared to move on the Philippines, the Chinese still had a fleet of about 100 warships. Now those numbers have been reduced dramatically, and Admiral Zheng Bao struggles to send even 20 ships to defend the  in the Southern Ryukyus and East China Sea, while also trying to contest British operations and South China Sea under Sun Wei. Here that battle starts off the book as Wells meets his old foil from the Indian Ocean Campaign, Admiral Sun Wei. Using both newly upgraded submarines and a surface fleet of 20 ships, Sun Wei strives to repeat his performance and deliver a decisive defeat to the Royal Navy again. But the British have also had time to put the American ESSM on their ships, and also have the services of a US cruiser and destroyer. Now Sun Wei meets his fate in his final battle of the war.

Next up, Admiral Wu Jinlong has been moved to the southern Ryukyu Islands where he must oppose landings on Miyako and Ikigashi. The Golden Helmets take to the skies to contest the airspace, but Zheng Bao feels it is too little, too late. The Strategic Rocket Forces have nothing left to strike with, and the weight of successive US Carrier strikes continues to wear down the Chinese defenses. Then, in a most unexpected twist, the United States introduces a revolutionary new weapon as they hunt the last two Chinese carriers defending the Goto Islands--the “Last Dragons.”

Shocked by the new weapon, the Chinese struggle to hold on as Zheng Bao fights his last battle at sea. Meanwhile, Fedorov and Karpov meet with Tyrenkov to begin the planning and final mission team briefing for the books yet to come. The entire cast of regular characters is signed on to the mission, including Rodenko, Nikolin, Tasarov and Samsonov, and Orlov and Troyak as well. The only characters remaining behind on Kirov will be Admiral Volsky, who now assumes operational command of the ship, Doctor Zolkin, and Engineering plant Chief Dobrynin. Even the Damage control Chief Byko is leaving on the mission.

The final season needs to get all the eggs into one basket to give each character the ending they deserve, and in his introduction to this volume, the author explains how Kirov itself was one of the main characters in the story, and hints that Volsky will be taking the battlecruiser out to sea on one final sortie.

At the mid point of the book Part VII is entirely devoted to an analysis of what happened, and an assessment of the weapons and tactics that decided the outcome. Then  Part VIII takes us quickly into the setup for the big mission.

Here there be Dragons...

As for the mission itself, the problem of mobility is uppermost on Fedorov’s mind, as he thinks movement by a group of 20 or more armed men on the rail lines would be impractical, while also attracting a lot of unwanted attention. His solution is one that will see Karpov taking to the skies again in the airship Baikal, one of three ships in the Tunguska Class, only this time it is equipped with missile racks and AESA radars. The question is how to get Baikal to the target date of 1908, and here, Fedorov comes up with a solution, though it is risky.

So the last half of Whirlwind is devoted to this planning process, ending in a jubilant sendoff as the mission teams head shoreward to be flown to Baikal and Ilanskiy. The action on this mission starts at once, giving us a taste of things to come. So for those of you who liked the steampunk Zepplin duels that were all collected into the Battle Book Vendetta, there’s more to come. The author says the entire eighth season will be character centric, though Karpov is soon fighting the lure of getting involved with ground action in the Russian Civil War that raged from 1917 to 1923. Thinking he can impede the formation of the Orenburg Federation by dealing a few decisive defeats to Volkov and the Whites, he struggles with the warning Fedorov gave him concerning “Temporal Security.”

If the last half of Whirlwind is a look at what is to come, it’s going to be a wild, colorful and intense ride through season eight. So don’t miss out on all the action as the next volume aptly titled The Mission, will be coming on schedule April 1st.

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Kirov Saga: Whirlwind
The war concludes...

John Schettler

Part I – Sun Wei
Part II – Wu Jinlong
Part III – Battery B
Part IV – Zheng Bao
Part V – Whirlwind
Part VI – The Last Dragons
Part VII – Second Thoughts
Part VIII– Planned Chaos
Part IX – Things in Motion
Part X – Retrospective
Part XI – Triumvirate
Part XII – Tsaritsyn

The Kirov Series:

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NOTE: Printed versions of the Kirov series are available and will also display on Amazon when you click the “For Kindle” link.

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