The Chronicles of Innisfail - Volume 3, The Fate of Empire


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It has been said that everything that is powerful will one day come under siege. In the year 788, the capital and largest city of Innisfail, Rammath-Innis, comes under siege by the hosts of three Dreadlords. As the pressure mounts and Sonderin uses a powerful new weapon, General Scion Cross must make a very difficult decision. The fate of the Empire is now in his hands, but it will be the navy, not the Army, which will decide the outcome here.   Far to the east, the massive migration fleeing the beleaguered city finds a new world, and Cross maneuvers to make powerful new allies. He vows a great crusade and leads the Army of Innisfail west again to reclaim lands and titles lost and forestall a long dark age under the deepening shadow of the Dreadlords.   Learning this, Duke Morgin Grenfell now sorties from his mountain fortress of Cartimandua to reclaim his Ducal fief in Rhaingoll and join the war against the Shadows.   Now, from the author of the long running Kirov Series, comes an epic Fantasy series as broad and detailed as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and as gritty and real as George Martin’s Game of Thrones. This is mythic military fiction at its best.

About the book:

In a desperate effort to break the siege of Rammath-Innis, Duke Morgin arrives with a strong contingent of the Western Outlords, to confront the Shadows. He is soon reinforced by Lord Frey, marching all the way from Irondale with the clans of his people. They will also be joined by the Host of Delling, coming by sea and landing to the east on the coast of Innisfail. Together these forces confront the Dreadlords, but when Lord Hornbori falls in battle, the Dwarrowkin clans withdraw, and Duke Morgin also lies abed, with a dire wound from his encounter with the Dreadlord Luth.

The Dreadlords now turn their combined might on the city and Sonderin uses his new weapon to undermine the walls. General Scion Cross had concentrated the entire Army of Innisfail inside the outer Ramparts of Rammath-Innis. Will it be enough? Then the Navy comes forward with a massive fleet offering one last hope, and an alternative for the survival of the proud people of Innisfail.

Not since Starfall has there been such a dramatic crisis, and when Vortigern the Seer comes to Ramath-Innis, he and the other High Mages strive to hold the dark magic of the Dreadlords at bay. Yet there is hope to the east, and General Cross now make a fateful decision to evacuate the people of Innisfail to safer lands to the east.  The Great Migration proceeds, and finds lands and worlds that no one ever knew existed. There General Cross strives to find and secure powerful new allies for a great crusade. He parlays with the leader of a powerful tribe, the Samurkon, the Spartans of this new world, and soon plans a Great Crusade to return to the West and reclaim lands and titles lost to the Dreadlords. Can they defeat the combined might of the Gorgessen and Khazari hordes, and then roll back the deepening shadow now falling over the Alderenh? Or is it the fate of Empire to suffer a tragic fall into that impending dark age on the horizon.

Come and see!

    • The Chronicles of Innisfail
    • Volume III, The Fate of Empire
    • John Schettler
    • Part I – The Fields of North Innis
      Part II – Rammath-Innis
    • Part III – The Great Migration
    • Part IV – The Outlords
    • Part V – The Autumn of Empire
    • Part VI – Return to the West
    • Part VII – The Spoils of Victory
    • Part VIII – The Missing Spiders
    • Part IX – The Art of War
    • Part X– The Council of Twenty
    • Part XI – A Backward Step
    • Part XII – Old Mindemoya


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