Kirov Series Battle Books

Many of the plot lines in the Kirov series span five, six, seven or more volumes. Now, after numerous requests by readers, these subplots are being re-edited into stand alone novels, each one presenting one uninterrupted segment of the WWII history at the heart of this saga, and with each volume offering 50 or more exciting chapters from the series.


Here is all the great desert war action extracted from the massive 64 volume Kirov Series novels by John Schettler, re-edited by the author and presented in one continuous file spanning 58 chapters. (Over 175,000 words). O’Connor’s Raid, Beda Fomm, Rommel’s arrival and drive east, Tobruk, Bir el Khamsa, Operations Crusader, The Gazalal Line, and Supercharge. Thunder in the desert as Rommel faces the toughest challenge of his military career.

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Foxbane II
Rommel's unknown nemesis, which the Germans now call the British "Heavy Brigade," meets its strange fate at Tobruk, and soon he finds he can again fight his war on equal terms with the British.

As the Allies land at Casablanca in Operation Torch, a resurgent British Army presses Rommel’s retreat through Tripoli.  Rommel eventually joins Kesselring and plans a dramatic counterattack against a new foe, General George Patton

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Here is the story, the clash and contest of wills between our saga’s two arch villains, Karpov and Volkov, re-edited into one continuous narrative, including outtakes, deleted scenes, and occasional new material that never appeared in the original Kirov Series. Consider it a “Director’s Cut” for this long intriguing subplot in the saga, all things Ilanskiy, the mystery, the mayhem, commando raids, and oh yes, the Zeppelins!

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Roll Of Thunder-144

Roll of Thunder
The alternate history War in the Pacific begins here in Volume I with 45 exciting chapters extracted from the Kirov series and re-edited into one continuous narrative. Featuring Pearl Harbor, the Pensacola Convoy, Battles vs French Pacific Fleet, Malay Campaign, Battle of Singapore, Badung Strait, Invasion of Timor, Battle of Java Sea, Japanese Invasion of Java. All the great opening battles of the Pacific, with 54 more chapters coming soon in Volume II.

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Sea of Fire
The alternate history War in the Pacific continues here in Volume II with 54 exciting chapters extracted from the Kirov Series and re-edited into one continuous narrative. Featuring Takami’s appeal to Yamamoto, the battle of the Coral Sea, Operation FS and the invasion of Fiji, The 5th of May action in the Koro Sea,  Karpov’s Sakhalin invasion, the confrontation between Kirov and Takami, and Hara’s Indian Ocean Raid. The action then continues into 1943 in the next regular series novel.

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Cover-Field of Glory-144

Join Sir Roger Ames as we follow him into the dramatic events of mid-June, 1815, and the great battle of Waterloo. There he struggles with his nemesis, Jean Michel Fortier, two men from modern times touring and tampering with the history of this great campaign as if they were playing chess. What follows is a detailed alternate history of the waterloo campaign. A stand alone novel, this is the Keyholder’s Saga, Volume I.

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Zulu Hour
Join Sir Roger Ames and Captain Gordon MacRae and his four Argonauts off the Argos Fire as they pose as a telegraph survey team to Join Chelmsford’s #3 Column on the morning of Jan 11 and conspire to save him from his disastrous defeat at Isandlwana.

A detailed alternate history of Chelmsford’s invasion of Zululand exploring options he could have taken to change the outcome and avoid one of the greatest defeats in British military history. A complete stand alone novel.

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