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About Firedrake:

   The war is now 100 days old and the action moves from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea, but not before CIA Colonel Jason Dunn hitches a ride with Sergeant King and his recon troop, through Sadr City to the heart of Baghdad in search of a mysterious artifact.
   Then the USN pushes into the Sulu Sea to strike at the Palawan barrier, and the new Chinese Admiral Zheng Bao, leads his fleet out to challenge the carriers. The action is thick and heavy as both sides struggle to control Puerto Princesa, and the bases on the reef islands and Borneo.
   Karpov must then lead Kirov and Kazan through the perilous waters of Palawan Gap to try and sail north toward the Sea of Okhotsk and their mission in Siberia. Along the way they encounter a derelict ship, with dark evidence of tampering by their nemesis Ivan Volkov. Can the history they have been fighting for in 2026 still be preserved, or will Volkov’s bleak empire overshadow the world? More here....

New Readers Welcome!

   This is the war in 2025 of the Kirov Series, written in a way to welcome new readers interested in modern Naval Air combat in a great power conflict that may be on our doorstep. The main Kirov Series devoted 40 volumes to action set in the Second World War, followed by 8 volumes depicting the war in 2021 on the original timeline. In effect, it tell what would have happened to the ship if it had not shifted to the past in book 1 of the main series.  In this segment of the saga, we get World War Three as it happened in the future that arose from the alternate history of WWII. Therefore, new readers do not need to read the mainstream 40 volume Kirov Series, and can enter the Next War segment by just starting with book 41, Homecoming. The last book in that 8 book season, Tangent Fire, is then a bridge novel to the war in 2025 in the future that arose from Kirov’s many interventions in the past.  Everything you need to know is recapped by the author to bring you up to speed. When this segment concludes, you can then jump back to book 1 and take the ride to WWII.



The Kirov Series:

New readers can enter the series with volume 41, Homecoming, as these volumes will be written in a way  to provide you with any info needed.

Kirov Series to extend to 64 Volumes!

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