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Foxbane: Kirov Series Battle Book I

In a move that stunned Great Britain in 1940, the Germans launched a daring operation to seize the vaunted Rock of Gibraltar and Malta. Now Erwin Rommel leads the Afrika Korps in a bid to conquer all of Egypt and knock England out of the war. But a strange event in the year 2021 sends the Great Grandsons of the Desert Rats back through time to pose a bold new challenge. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted, as the Desert Fox struggles for his very survival in this exciting alternate history of WWII.

Loaded with action, this book presents 58 chapters of all the action from the German Operation Felix attack on Gibraltar, the daring attack on Malta, the opening moves in North Africa with O'Connor's Raid, the Battle of Beda Fomm, and Operation Sonnenblume, Rommel's first offensive. Then, in the midst of the fighting, General O'Connor goes missing, and a desperate search and rescue operation is mounted. Fate takes the search team to a unexpected rendezvous in the deep desert, where a strange event in the midst of a new war in 2021 has displaced the modern British 7th Armored Brigade back in time to 1941.

As Rommel drives east towards Alexandria, he is soon confronted by a powerful new enemy that becomes the bane of the Desert Fox from that day forward. At the battle of Bir el Khamsa, modern day Challenger II tanks and Warrior AFVs confront the cream of Rommel's Afrika Korps.  But we're just getting started! Foxbane then continues as Rommel receives powerful new reinforcements to launch a bold attack on Tobruk. The fighting continues as the British launch their own counteroffensives in Operation Crusader, and finally Operation Supercharge, where the Desert Rats seek to push Rommel back to Tripoli.

Here is all the great desert war action extracted from the massive 24 volume Kirov Series novels by John Schettler, re-edited by the author and presented in one continuous file spanning 58 chapters. (Over 175,000 words).


21st Century Warriors from Great Britain? Quite literally. The entire British 7th Armored Brigade is displaced in time to the cauldron of the desert war in North Africa.

500 Pages, 58 Chapters: $4.99

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Operation Felix - The German Assault on Gibraltar
Operation Herkules - The Storming of Malta
Operation Compass - General O’Connor’s Raid
The Battle of Beda Fomm
Operation Sonnenblume - Rommel’s First Offensive
The Battle of Bir El Khamsa - Rommel vs 7th Brigade
The Battle For Tobruk - Monty’s Desperate Stand
Rommel’s Gazala Line Defense
Operation Crusader - The Allies Strike Back
Operation Supercharge - The Allies second offensive


This is military fiction at its absolute finest, an alternate history so convincing that you’ll believe it actually happened!




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