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Homecoming - The Next War - Book 1

       The long struggle of the Second World War has ended. Fedorov and Karpov shift home, before the accident that sent Kirov hurtling through time. Their mission: prevent the ship from ever shifting back! As the Kirov Series returns to its roots, they struggle in the shadow of the impending war that now threatens to devour the world with atomic fire. That war becomes the focus of this, the final season of the Kirov Series. In the volumes ahead, the fate of all the other characters in the story will be resolved: Elena Fairchild, Gordon MacRae and Mack Morgan on the Argos Fire, Captain Ivan Gromyko aboard Kazan, Brigadier Berg’s lost German Brigade, Kinlan and Reeves with the British 7th Armored, Admiral Kita’s dwindling modern day task force in the Pacific, and both Ivan Volkov and Tyrenkov. They will all find a way to intersect here in the year 2021.
       This time, the war begins in the frigid waters of the Norwegian Sea, when a mysterious order is received by the Captain of a stealthy British sub, and lights the fuse on the world’s next great conflagration. Join Admiral Volsky, Vladimir Karpov, Anton Fedorov, and all the officers and crew of the mighty Kirov as the ship sails into the cold deadly waters of World War Three!

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The Kirov Series:

NOTE: This planned 8 book season  has a dual function. It will stand as both a conclusion of all the story lines for regular series readers, as well as a  prelude to the main 40 book Kirov Series for new readers.

So new readers can enter the series right here, as these volumes will be written in a way  to provide you with any info needed.

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