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The Tiafeng (Typhoon)

Artist conception of the planned Future Chinese aircraft carrier scheduled for launch in 2020.

The existing Chinese carrier Liaoning is the old Russian Carrier Varyag which was purchased by the Chinese for $18 million and refitted as a functioning carrier, commissioned in 2012.

The name Varyag was then given to the one of the two remaining Slava class cruisers. (Pictured below)


A dangerous balance of power. Here is the lilneup in our day, but the PLAN adds two carriers in the Liaoning and Taifeng, and a number of new destroyers and frigates to beef up their fleet considerably by 2021.


Home Fleet Admiral John Tovey
Founder of
“The Watch”


Above: Professor Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician and code breaker who begins to unravel the mystery of Kirov


Left: Werner Czygan, the frustrated commander of U-118 who unknowingly  puts the British on the trail of Gennadi Orlov.

Right: Marine Sergeant Kandemir Troyak and Corporal Zykov provide security for Fedorv’s daring mission to find Orlov.

Below: NKVD Commissar Molla, pursued by Orlov in 1942.


Right: The Anatoly Alexandrov is based on the design for the Akademik Lomonosov shown here, a floating nuclear power plant using two naval nuclear propulsion reactors.

(Photo used under Fair Use and for informational purposes only)


The Kirov Series, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 shown here with the author’s authentic Russian Navy Ushanka and his copy of “The Chronology Of The Naval War At Sea” which figures prominently in the series.


CG Varyag sails to lead Kirov home and accompanies the new flagship when the Red Banner Pacific Fleet sorties under Captain Karpov

Below: The main Island of the Senkaku / Diaoyutai archipelago that becomes a flashpoint for war in the Pacific

Uotsuri-Island of Peace

All photos used to illustrate geographical and real-world elements under the “Fair Use” clause and are for informational purposes only.


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