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Below: NKVD Commissar Molla, pursued by Orlov in 1942.


Below: NKVD Lt. Mikael Surinov, confronted by Fedorov at the rail yard in Irkutsk


Below: Sergey Mironovich Kostrikov - aka “Mironov” encountered by Fedorov in the inn at Ilanskiy.


Above: the range of North Korea’s Ballistic Missiles


Left: The statue of “Kirov,” the revolutionary figure for which the ship ws named. It was set on a high hill overlooking Baku until it was recently removed after the fall of the old Soviet Union.

Young-Kirov Harpoon-Profile-S

Above: Typical harpoon missile attack profiles in the strike on the Red Banner Fleet. Yet the limited range of the missile limits its effectiveness, particularly in light of the tremendous range of the newest Russian naval SAM systems, the S-300 and S-400 Triumf, the latter reaching out as far as 400 kilometers! These factors play a major role in the outcome of the initial battle. Below Left: Fairchild’s X-3 hybrid helos are fast and mean, with tremendous range. Below Right: The British Type 45 Destroyer which was refitted as the Argos Fire.

X3 manassas-2

All photos used to illustrate geographical and real-world elements under the “Fair Use” clause and are for informational purposes only.

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