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WARNING: Some maps will reveal significant plot elements of the story.  They are included here as references for those wishing to follow the saga graphically as they read.

Below : the Standoff between the major leaguers in the pacific as the Red Banner Fleet sorties from its bases and is attacked by CVBG 5 of the US 7th Fleet


Below: The complex energy arteries of the modern world.


Below: The route taken by the Fairchild flotilla escorted by Argos Fire and Iron Duke


Below: The explosions mark sites targeted by Chinese DF-11, DF-15 ballistic missiles. The red lines show the route taken to penetrate Taiwanese airspace by China’s superb new strike fighters, the J-20 Mighty Dragon. Right: SAM coverage over Taiwan during the Chinese attack..


A dangerous balance of power. Here is the lilneup in our day, but the PLAN adds two carriers in the Liaoning and Taifeng, and a number of new destroyers and frigates to beef up their fleet considerably by 2021.

The initial action in the early days of the attack is first a strategic missile bombardment followed by penetrating air strikes by China’s new J-20 stealth fighters.

Below: The flashpoint in the Gulf as an Iranian swift boat fires a missile at supertanker Princess Royal. The ship is towed to Al Fujairah while US Marines land on the Iranian held Island of Abu Musa. Israel strikes Iran and this leads to a major ballistic missile attack on the oil production centers of the Persian Gulf.


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