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ABOUT: Kirov V – 9 Days Falling - Volume I

Cover2-webKirov Saga: 9 Days Falling, Vol I

John Schettler’s Kirov Saga has already delighted readers through four compelling volumes, blending alternate history with a twist of time travel to send the ship and crew of the modern Russian battlecruiser Kirov careening through time to the 1940s. As one might expect with that premise, the series has been packed with exciting naval action throughout as Kirov dueled with the Royal Navy, the Italians and finally the Japanese in 1942. The fourth volume, Men Of War, was described by the author as a kind of ‘bridge novel’ telling the story of what happened to the ship and crew after they finally returned home at the end of book III. It also leads readers to a second trilogy in the saga that the author has entitled 9 Days Falling, a depiction of the Great War in 2021 that the crew learns of at the outset of Book III, and the desperate effort to prevent it.

Available now, 9 Days Falling, Book V in the Kirov Saga presents the first three days of that war as the rising tension portrayed finally explodes in major military confrontations by the great world powers. The war is fought by SinoPac, the grand Eurasian alliance between China and Russia set against the long cooperation of Western Europe and the United States that began with NATO. At the conclusion of Men Of War, China’s threats against Taiwan take center stage in the UN and the Red Banner Pacific Fleet puts to sea under Captain Vladimir Karpov to make a show of force. It is immediately involved in a naval showdown with the US 7th Fleet and we learn that the Americans have been ordered to find and sink the battlecruiser Kirov at all cost. As this action unfolds we also see Kirov’s intrepid ex-navigator, Anton Fedorov , devise a clever and daring mission utilizing the power of the mysterious “Rod-25” to return to 1942 and look for Chief Orlov.

9 Days Falling, Volume I continues right where Men Of War left off in a seamless transition. The events happening in these first three days of the war are presented in three sections of twelve chapters each, and yet the full 36 chapter novel with prologue still was not nearly enough room to present this expansive and intriguing tale, and that’s good news for all Kirov Series enthusiasts. At least two more volumes will follow book V to present the remaining six days of the war, which is rapidly igniting all the major oil and energy sectors of the world.  The title of this segment of the saga leads us to believe that events heighten in the conventional engagements which begin in the Pacific and will inevitably lead to a nuclear exchange on the 9th day. As in Men Of War, the story here alternates between modern day scenes related to the developing war and resultant oil/energy crisis it leads to, and scenes in 1942 where Fedorov’s mission to the past desperately struggles to find a way to prevent the war from ever happening. But hold on ! Just when you think you have this whole thing figured out, the author introduces some major new plot elements here that take the story in an unexpected direction.

After a brief prologue that serves to recap the ending of Men Of War, this fifth book in the series then moves to the journey west along the Trans-Siberian rail in 1942 by Fedorov and the dour Sergeant Troyak with his sidekick Zykov. By the end of the third chapter the author has already introduced a strange and puzzling new event and a major twist in the plot, all part of the deepening mystery surrounding the origins and effects produced by Rod-25.

All the main characters from the earlier volumes continue on in the series, but as the war in 2021 is initially fought to secure the world’s dwindling oil and gas reserves, the story also begins to introduce a host of new characters and plot lines on the British and American side. The root of this part of the story was planted at the end of Men Of War when the Russian submarine Tigr fired torpedoes to destroy the massive Thunder Horse British Petroleum platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Tigr pays with its life, but its actions put increasing pressure on the oil flows coming out of the Middle East and the Kashagan superfields of the North Caspian basin, two crisis points that come into sharp focus in a new plot line involving a small British oil contractor, Fairchild Enterprises. The company signs an eleventh hour contract to get as much oil moving to the West as possible before the war closes all supply lines down, and the author uses this very engaging new plot line as a vehicle that allows him to visit the key oil and energy centers of the world that become the focus of early military action.

In keeping with the naval action that is at the heart of all these books, Fairchild is defended by the Royal Navy frigate Iron Duke and a corporate security vessel called the Argos Fire that was originally a British Daring Class Destroyer. These two ships must lead a small flotilla of oil tankers into the Bear’s Den of the Black Sea, where the last open oil terminals on the Georgian coast hold the vital oil supplies that will secure the fate of the Fairchild corporation while providing a vital energy life line with much needed supplies to the West.

By day two the novel really heats up with intense combat as China begins its attack to secure her ‘wayward son,’ Taiwan. The war then spills into the Middle East as yet another flash point ignites there involving Iran and the Straits of Hormuz. The Fairchild plot line is also embroiled here even as their flotilla enters the Black Sea. Meanwhile, Vladimir Karpov’s verbal showdown with the US Pacific Fleet erupts in pulse pounding naval/air combat with US Captain Tanner’s CVBG Washington. Yet once again the author has planted a seed in Men Of War that introduces another major plot twist so startling and significant that we can’t reveal it here.
Get ready to rumble…

The popular 1980s sci-fi naval thriller The Final Countdown staring Kirk Douglas set the template for this popular fiction genre where modern naval forces engage the massed might and steel of previous generations. The only complaint I ever had about that movie was that, for all its promising potential, it never really delivered the military action many viewers hoped to see.  In the Kirov Series, however, author John Schettler pulls no punches when it comes to fast paced battle scenes. The opening Kirov Series trilogy sees the powerful Russian battlecruiser duel with the best naval forces of each world power in WWII, ending with a climatic duel with Admiral Yamamoto on the Japanese battleship Yamato where the most powerful surface ships of two generations squared off against one another. It was some of the most engaging naval fiction to come along in years. The one WWII fleet Kirov has not yet locked horns with was the massive juggernaut led by Nimitz, and Halsey in the Pacific. Well hold on to your tickets folks, because as you enter 9 Days Falling you’re about to take another incredible ride before this series ends.

The scenes in 1942 present Fedorov’s mission on the one hand, while alternating in and out of Orlov’s story and through the viewpoint of Captain John Haselden’s 30 Commando team. The hunt for the surly Chief Orlov intensifies and quickly leads to some very unexpected and startling events. The intrigue developed in plot lines involving the Russian Inspector General Kapustin, the shadowy figure of Pavel Kamenski, the dangerous Captain Volkov and Admiral Volsky all lead us deeper into the mystery of Rod-25. Fedorov’s mission to the past encounters an alarming and bewildering event, Karpov’s first major battle ends in an astounding plot twist, and the new story line involving Fairchild & Company is deftly linked to all three of these other major story elements and inexorably drawn into the maelstrom Schettler has brewed up as the world slowly descends into chaos in 2021.
9 Days Falling, Vol. I is a must read for anyone who has enjoyed the earlier novels and become attached to these characters and their impossible fates. The striking cover has a few hints as to what’s in store for readers in this volume, and the blend of old and new, with mystery, intrigue, and roiling naval combat, makes this volume a nicely balanced step forward in the series.  To think that another 72 chapters await us in volumes  II and III of this second trilogy in the Kirov Saga is a joy indeed. So finish up Men Of War and get ready for more in the days ahead!

If you are new to this series, you can pick up the first five books this month for under $25 in the Amazon Kindle store. Hey, that’s the cost of a low end bottle of wine, but the elixir in this bottle is well worth it. Considering the author’s vivid and engaging writing style, compelling and well developed characters, and great action and plot, Schettler is delivering real value to readers here and keeping the price per each book at just $4.99. You’ll find most mainstream publishing houses asking two and three times that for a single kindle book and the stories aren’t half as engaging as the Kirov Saga. So enlist and come aboard!

The Kirov Saga: 9 Days Falling, Vol. I is available now from the Writing Shop Press. Exclusively on Amazon!


“I love anything about time travel, military history and military  fiction. This series has them all. I thought it would be over with book  4, but the continuation of the series is off to a great start. The  details of the battles are great and very accurate. The historical references like Mr  Kirov are fantastic. After reading this last book, I looked into  the author's previous works and to my surprise he wrote a very hardcore  time travel series called the Meridian series. I just finished the first book. I now see where his expertise in covering time travel comes from  and his attention to little details in history that can change the  future.” - Patrick Dailey

“On a whim a while back I purchased the first book in the Kirov series  because the premise of displacing a modern Russian battlecruiser to WW2  was intriguing. Since then I have read all the books in the series and  they never disappoint. This most recent book just came out and it's  very well written, particularly the battle sequences. My only  suggestion to the reader is that you must read these books in sequence.  At the Kindle price this is a small investment for so much enjoyment.” - GK

“I loved the history and the historic details are very good, you don't  know where the plot will get you, I could not let it go, even at  midnight!” - Alex Mtz

“The book was well researched to make the tale somewhat believeable. It  was edge of seat written. You cannot read enough at one setting..” - John Tolley



- Adm Leonid Volsky

BCG Kirov II - Flagship - Cpt Vladimir Karpov Commanding
CV Adm Kuznetsov
CG Varyag
DDG Orlan
FFG Adm Golovko
DDG Shaposhnikov
DDG Adm Tributs
DDG Adm Vinogradov
DDG Adm Panteleyev
FFG Rezvyy
FFG Gromkiy
FFG Gordelivy
SGN Kazan
SGN Tomsk
SGN Tigr
SGN Gepard
7 x SS

The following task groups and warships are either involved or mentioned in this Volume.


DF-11, DF-15 & DF-21 Ballistic Missiles
J-10 Fighter
J-11 Fighter
J-20 Strike Fighter
KJ-2000 AEW
Z-9 Helos


5th Carrier Strike Group
CVN  Washington - Cpt. Tanner
CG Shiloh
DDG Wilbur
DDG McCain
DDG Fitzgerald
DDG Lassen
DDG McCampbell

11th Carrier Strike Group (Mentioned but appearing later)
CVN Nimitz
CG Princeton
DDG John Paul Jones
DDG Howard
DDG Sampson
DDG Lawrence
DDG Spruance
FFG Thatch
FFG Vandergrif

US Air Force
B-2 Stealth Bomber
B-1B Bomber
FA-18E/F Superhornet
F-16C Fighting Falcon
F-35 Lightning
F-22 Raptor
F-15 Eagle
X-51C WaveRider

SGN Key West
SGN Mississippi
SGN John Warner - Cpt. Edwards

British Fairchild Flotilla
Corporate Security Ship Argos Fire
FFG Iron Duke
Super Tanker Princess Royal
Tanker Princess Irene
Tanker Princess Angelina
Tanker Princess Marie
4 x X-3 Hybrid Helicopters

CHARACTERS - From Volumes I - IV in the Series appearing in 9 Days Falling

Admiral Leonid Volsky
Cpt Andre Talanov Volsky’s New Chief Of Staff
Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Karpov
Captain 2nd Rank Anton Fedorov
Captain 2nd Rank Dmitri Zolkin Ship’s Physician
Former Chief of Operations - Gennadi Orlov

Captain Lieutenant Grigori Rodenko - Radar  & Sensors
Lt.Victor Samsonov - Combat Systems
Lt. Alexi Tasarov - Sonar & ASW Ops
Jr. Lieutenant Isaak Nikolin - Communications
Sgt Kandemir Troyak - Marine Contingent
Cprl Zykov, Marine Detachment
Chief Eng Dobrynin - Propulsion Systems

Year 2021 -  Appearing in 9 Days Falling

Pavel Kamenski
Gerasim Kapustin - Inspector General of the Russian Navy
Cpt Ivan Volkov - Russian Naval Intelligence

Cpt Tanner - CVBG 5
Skip Patterson XO - CVN Washington
Lt Deaken, WSO CVN Washington
Ensign Pyle, CVN Washington
Rod Leyman, White House Chief of Staff.
Lt. Commander William Reed, a defense analyst
General Henry Lane, USAF
Lt. Peter Tang - Taiwan AF
Lt. Kevin Lo - Taiwan AF
Tech Sergeant Jason Banks - Anderson AFB
Airman Thomas Knox  - Anderson AFB

Elena Fairchild, CEO
Cpt. Gordon MacRae - Argos Fire
Mack Morgan - Corporate Security and Intelligence
Lt Cmdr Dean, Executive Officer, Argos Fire
Alberto Salase, Oil Contracts Broker
Ben Flack, Chevron Inc.
Ed Murdoch aka “Mudman”, Chevron Inc.

Special Appearances
Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, London Times
Thomas Byrne, Reporter, London Times
Sergey Miranovich Kostrikov, aka “Mironov”


Cpt John Haselden 30 Commando
Lt David Sutherland 30 Commando
Sqt Terry 30 Commando
Lieutenant Mikael Surinov, NKVD
Colo Lysenko, NKVD
Commissar Molla - 58th Army District, Baku

Numerous minor characters
All Ship’s Captains in ship list above


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