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ABOUT KIROV VI: The Saga Continues...


ABOUT: Kirov VI - Fallen Angels - 9 Days Falling - Volume II

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– The Kirov Saga continues its expansive story of military time travel as the officers and crew of the battlecruiser Kirov struggle to change the history leading to a Great War in 2021 that threatens the destruction of all human civilization. Yet as the title hints, the central action here is on the Fallen Angels aboard Kirov, blasted into the past yet again in a startling and unexpected twist of events in the opening volume of the 9 Days Falling trilogy.

     As the author himself explains in a brief introduction to 9 Day Falling, the Kirov Saga is actually two trilogies connected together by the bridge novel, Men Of War. The opening trilogy presents the tale of the ship’s harrowing displacement in time to the 1940s, which sees it engage the Royal Navy, Regia Marina, German U-Boats and eventually the Imperial Japanese Navy over three compelling volumes that offered some of the most exciting sea duels ever written.

     These three books stand like the strong trunk of a sturdy tree in the series, with a tightly unified plot centered on the principle officers of the ship and a cast of historical characters drawn into the mystery of Kirov’s strange appearance throughout the war as they attempt to come to grips with the situation. By the end of the trilogy, however, the officers of Kirov have finally learned why they moved in time, and discovered how to control that movement to some extent. This brings us to the bridge novel, Men Of War, which was the tale of what happened to the ship and crew after they returned home to 2021 at the eve of the Great War they now know is imminent.
    In Men Of War the mystery of how the ship moves in time is centered on a nuclear reactor control rod, or “Rod-25” as it is called by the ship’s Chief Engineer. Its strange effects are proved again, even after being removed from the ship, and the officers discover that odd things are happening. Crew members disappear and the ship’s resident historian, Anton Fedorov, is shocked to see that the history seems to still be in a state of flux, even to the point where passages in his history books seem to change overnight as the chronology of events is re-written. Something remains unresolved, and Fedorov is convinced it has to do with the irascible Chief of Operations, Gennadi Orlov, who jumped ship in Volume II and is now marooned in the year 1942. A plan is hatched to find a way to rescue Orlov while the dominoes leading to the great war in 2021 slowly begin to fall.

     With much more plot, mystery and intrigue, the story leads us deftly to the second trilogy, 9 Days Falling. This three volume set is a much more expansive tale, with new characters, and plot lines growing from the root of the first trilogy and branching out in many directions like the arms of a tree. Each one has its own special fruit to bear. Some are meant to relate the story of the ever expanding war in 2021, a crisis that begins in Men Of War in a scrap between China and Japan and then escalates rapidly into a major confrontation in the Pacific. Volume I of 9 Days Falling recounts events of the first three days of the war, with a duel between the Red Banner Pacific Fleet and the US Navy that ends with a dramatic twist when the Demon Volcano in the Kuriles erupts with a fury that sends the heart of Captain Karpov’s flotilla back to 1945. At the same time, Fedorov’s mission to find Orlov makes a startling discovery on the long journey west along the Siberian rail.

     The author is painting on a much broader canvass in 9 Days Falling, yet with story elements and characters in the future and past that all seem to have some connection to the crucial hunt for Orlov.  What first appears to be a depiction of the war in 2021 escalating into the world’s major energy centers is now something much more when we learn that the head of Fairchild Inc. is actually a member of the secret organization established by Admiral John Tovey in 1942 called “The Watch.” Fairchild’s unaccountable order to attack the Anatoly Alexandrov  where Chief Dobrynin is planning  the mission to rescue Fedorov and Orlov hints, therefore, that the Watch knows what is going on here, and is trying to prevent it.
     More than this, the plot line that began with Inspector General  Kapustin in Men Of War has coiled into a compelling mystery that slowly unravels the secret of Rod-25. The shadowy figure of Pavel Kamenski reveals that the phenomenon of time displacement has been known for some time, and can be triggered by massive explosive events, particularly those involving nuclear detonation. This character gets further development, but the mystery deepens. Fedorov’s strange experience when he takes an unused back stairway at an inn along the Siberian Rail lands him in the year 1908, right at the moment of the fabled Tunguska event, another massive explosion that many believed had a nuclear signature.

     Now the next volume, Fallen Angels, takes us through days four, five and six in the year 2021, while continuing the major plot lines which began in the opening volume of 9 Days Falling. Yet the major focus of the novel is the plight of Karpov’s regression to the past, which is both a psychological shift on his part as much as it is physical. The Captain does not belief the ship can ever return to its own time without Rod-25 aboard, and Karpov is again tempted by his own inner demons, which quickly lead him into confrontation with the U.S. Pacific Fleet at the conclusion of WWII. The one naval force Kirov has not yet tackled in the 1940s is the US Pacific Fleet. In Kirov III – Pacific Storm the US is only just beginning its counterattack in the Solomons at Guadalcanal and is still overmatched by the Japanese. In that book, Kirov’s sudden appearance unhinges Yamamoto’s strike south, diverting the assets of Hara’s carrier division and leading to a Midway like disaster when they engage the Americans. But the author deftly avoided having the Russian battlecruiser face American forces in that story, and now it is clear why.

     The buildup to modern war that began in Men of War soon erupted into a major fleet engagement with the US in 2021, and then the plot took a decisive turn with another eruption—the Demon volcano in the Kuriles. This amazing turn of events in the opening volume of the second trilogy, 9 Days Falling, has returned the story to the template that made it so popular in the opening trilogy—Kirov battling the naval might of WWII, and that remains the highlight of Fallen Angels. 18 of the novel’s 36 chapters focus on this engrossing plot line where Karpov’s three ship flotilla comprised of Kirov, the destroyer Orlan and the frigate Admiral Golovko are now matched against the massive US naval presence off the shores of Japan where no less than five fast carrier battlegroups were mustering for the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay.

     Now storied Admirals like Ziggy Sprague, Bull Halsey and Chester Nimitz take the stage in 1945, along with the return of Admiral Bruce Fraser who was first introduced to readers in the second book of the series when the battleships Rodney & Nelson dueled with Kirov in the Med. The action builds like a massively threatening storm and reaches a climax in a six chapter engagement at sea that is reminiscent of the showdown with Yamato in book III. Exciting naval action is at the heart of this volume. Even the Fairchild plot line is principally centered on the company’s desperate battle against the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 2021.

     Action in the dread war has been upstaged by the eruption of the Demon volcano, but continues when the  US and China trade strategic blows to further escalate the tensions. Meanwhile, Fedorov’s journey to find Orlov also builds towards a climax in this volume. All the various plot lines associated with that story (Haselden’s commando raid, Fedorov’s mission, Chief Dobrynin on the Anatoly Alexandrov, Ben Flak on Chevron’s Platform Medusa, Russian Naval intelligence Captain Ivan Volkov, and the Fairchild group aboard Argos Fire) now begin to converge and reunite along the shores of the Caspian Sea. Readers will discover that everything in the Fairchild plot line, for example, was also carefully crafted to dovetail with the hunt for Orlov as much as it was used to reveal the ever expanding war in 2021. There are also some new characters here in a three scene segment introducing Sir Roger Ames, First Duke of Elvington, and they lead us deeper into the mystery of time travel in some very unexpected ways.

     With strong and compelling characters, an expansive yet well managed plot, an ever deepening mystery that digs for the real secret of time travel, and loads of naval combat, the author delivers another suspenseful tale here that will conclude in the final volume in the series coming this fall. The naval action here, and the overall tone and voice of the novel is much like that in the early volumes, and the drama of the ending is first rate, with a conclusion that will shock as much as it entertains.

     Don’t miss this exciting continuation of 9 Days Falling when volume II, Fallen Angels makes its debut on July 5 from the Writing Shop Press—Exclusively on


“Wow! I am speechless. This series just gets better and better!!! I have  been fortunate up until this book to always be "behind the eightball" in that the next book in the series has already been released, so I  haven't had to wait to find out what happens. Unfortunately, my luck,  along with the luck of the men aboard the Kirov seems to have finally  run out. I have to wait for the final installment!

I have to say I love the way Mr Schettler draws the reader in. What seems like totally  irrelevant information is thrown in and then revealed to be a little  piece of the vast historical knowledge that Mr Schettler possesses of  WW2. Everything is well considered and adds to the reality that this  whole saga is REAL, not just a work of fiction....This series is well worth the read and it definitely gets better and  better with each book in the series. Read them from the begginning and  you will NOT be dissapointed!!!” - A. Roscoe

“The latest installment to the Kirov series. BUY THEM ALL! Important,  you really need to start with the first, and read through them in order. Seriously, the time travel and twists of the battle cruiser Kirov will grip you with an iron fist, but not reading them in order would  probably frustrate you beyond belief. In this latest installment, no  worries no spoilers here, the world is going to war, a final, end it  all, Armageddon war. And Kirov is right in the middle again . . . . or  should I say the center of it, in more than one time line!...Any fan of  alternative histories, naval fiction, military fiction, heck any fan of  reading will love these novels. Buy them all, read them all (in order), and lets keep this author writing!” - Trusten

SHIP ROSTER: Fallen Angels, (9 Days Falling Volume II)

- Adm Leonid Volsky

BCG Kirov II - Flagship - Cpt Vladimir Karpov Commanding
DDG Orlan
FFG Adm Golovko

BLACK SEA FLEET - Cpt. Pomilov
FFG Essen
FFG Admiral Grigorovich.
FFG Makarov
2 x Krivak Class Frigates
43rd Independent Naval Shturmovik Air Assault Squadron-SU24s

British Fairchild Flotilla
Corporate Security Ship Argos Fire
FFG Iron Duke
Super Tanker Princess Royal
Tanker Princess Irene
Tanker Princess Angelina
Tanker Princess Marie
4 x X-3 Hybrid Helicopters


TF.38.3 Adm Clifton “Ziggy” Sprague:

CV Ticonderoga
CV Wasp II
CVL Monterey
CVL Bataan
BB South Dakota
BB North Carolina
CL Wilks-Barre
CL Oakland
CL Springfield
CL Pasadena
Desron 62 - 8 DDs
Desron 25 - 8 DDs
260 planes

TF.38.4 Adm William “Bull” Halsey:

CV Yorktown
CV Shangri-La
CV Bon Homme Richard
CVL Independence
CVL Cowpens
BB Missouri (Flag)
BB Iowa
CA Boston
CA St. Paul
CA Chicago
CL San Diego
CL Flint
Desron 50 - 9 DDs
Desron 53 - 10 DDs
Radar Picket DDs:
Chevalier, Fox, Hawkins
350 Planes

TF.38 Adm Bruce Fraser:

CV Victorious
CV Indefatigable
CV Formidible
CV Implacable
BB Duke Of York (Flag)
BB King George V
CA Achilles
CA Gambia
CA Newfoundland
CL Black Prince
CL Euralyus
17 Destroyers
260 Planes

Several US Submarines


Admiral Leonid Volsky
Cpt Andre Talanov Volsky’s New Chief Of Staff
Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Karpov
Captain 2nd Rank Anton Fedorov
Captain 2nd Rank Dmitri Zolkin Ship’s Physician
Former Chief of Operations - Gennadi Orlov

Captain Lieutenant Grigori Rodenko - Radar  & Sensors
Lt.Victor Samsonov - Combat Systems
Lt. Alexi Tasarov - Sonar & ASW Ops
Jr. Lieutenant Isaak Nikolin - Communications
Sgt Kandemir Troyak - Marine Contingent
Cprl Zykov, Marine Detachment
Chief Eng Dobrynin - Propulsion Systems
Cprl/Lt Bukin - Marine Contingent
Cpt Malkin - Caspian Hovercraft Flotilla

Year 2021 -  Appearing in  the 9 Days Falling trilogy

Pavel Kamenski, Deputy Director of th KGB (Ret)
Gerasim Kapustin - Inspector General of the Russian Navy
Cpt Ivan Volkov - Russian Naval Intelligence

Adm William Ghortney
Cpt Tanner - CVBG 5
Skip Patterson XO - CVN Washington
Lt Deaken, WSO CVN Washington
Ensign Pyle, CVN Washington
Rod Leyman, White House Chief of Staff.
Lt. Commander William Reed, a defense analyst
General Henry Lane, USAF
Lt. Peter Tang - Taiwan AF
Lt. Kevin Lo - Taiwan AF
Tech Sergeant Jason Banks - Anderson AFB
Airman Thomas Knox  - Anderson AFB

Elena Fairchild, CEO
Cpt. Gordon MacRae - Argos Fire
Mack Morgan - Corporate Security and Intelligence
Lt Cmdr Dean, Executive Officer, Argos Fire
Alberto Salase, Oil Contracts Broker
Ben Flack, Chevron Inc.
Ed Murdoch aka “Mudman”, Chevron Inc.

Special Appearances in Fallen Angels
Thomas Byrne, Reporter, London Times
Sergey Miranovich Kostrikov, aka “Mironov”

Sir Roger Ames, First Duke of Elvington
Ian Thomas - Special Assistant to the Duke
Mary Perkyn
Rector, St. Martin’s Church, Bladon, UK


Adm Bruce Fraser
Cpt John Haselden 30 Commando
Lt David Sutherland 30 Commando
Sgt Terry 30 Commando
Lieutenant Mikael Surinov, NKVD
Col Lysenko, NKVD
Commissar Molla - 58th Army District, Baku
Numerous crew members and pilots of the US Pacific Fleet

All Ship’s Captains in ship list above, and Numerous minor characters.

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