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ABOUT KIROV VII: The Saga Continues...


ABOUT: Kirov VII - Devil’s Garden - 9 Days Falling - Volume III

DG-Cover-4002Coming Soon!

It’s finally here – Due out in just a few days, and readers will be thrilled to hear that Book VII in the Kirov Series may not be the last. At the very end of the book the author appends this brief note:

Dear reader, Yes…I meant to end this story by now, but events have taken longer to relate than I expected, and Mister Fedorov has pulled the story to a place it now needs to go before the end. So I invite you to spend just a little more time with me, as I present yet one more volume of this strange tale.

I will say nothing of the preview blurb for volume eight that follows that note, leaving it for readers to discover on their own . The seventh volume, Devil’s Garden, which you will soon have in your hands will be more than enough to satisfy your addiction to this remarkable story, now perhaps the longest alternate history time travel series ever written.

Devil’s Garden was originally meant to be the final volume of the Kirov Series and, as events in Book VI, Fallen Angels, were twisted to a tight knot as that book ended, this one opens with a bang! The dramatic conclusion of Fedorov’s hunt for Gennadi Orlov is presented in its entirety  here, opening this seventh book with an amphibious assault on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Then, one by one, the author proceeds to resolve each of the many plot lines, and the many questions, presented throughout the story. Fedorov’s hunt for Orlov dominates the opening, and then the action moves to the Pacific of 1945 just after the destruction of the American battleship Iowa. Karpov and his battlecruiser Kirov have vanished, and in a gripping three chapter segment entitled ‘The Eagle’ we now learn the fate of the Russian destroyer Orlan, left alone to face the wrath of Admiral Halsey and Ziggy Sprague.

After these six opening chapters of fast paced action, the novel then takes us back to Kirov to reveal where the ship has moved again in time after that last shattering nuclear blast hurled at the American navy by Karpov. In doing so we get echoes from the earlier books when the ship tried to find out where they displaced, and here the Author’s technique of opening a scene from the perspective of the characters from the era where Kirov has shifted brings the history and setting into sharp focus. Karpov now faces his inner demons as they tempt him to yet another decisive intervention strategy, and one that promises to change all future history. While this is going on, the shadowy figure of Pavel Kamenski shares some startling revelations with Admiral Volsky where the two men convene a meeting in the deep underground bunker of the Russian Naval Headquarters at Fokino. This segment, and the one following it entitled “Delphi” lay out some shocking answers about what has been happening throughout the story, particularly as it relates to time travel.

One of the Angels that fell in the last book was Elena Fairchild, finally connecting with the stalwart Captain Gordon MacRae aboard Argos Fire.  Now Fairchild finally spills the beans as to what has been going on throughout history since 1942 when the Watch was first founded by Admiral John Tovey and Alan Turing, and this segment is absolutely riveting. The author finally unloads his broadside here, telling the story to us even as Fairchild reveals everything to MacRae. The segment ends in a mysterious rendezvous at Delphi, of which I can say no more, as it seems that the seed of a whole new novel was being planted in that hallowed ground. That segment was also echoed in a three chapter section to the intriguing story involving the Duke of Elvington in Fallen Angels. This one really has my attention, and I found myself really grateful that the plot line was not hastily tied off and will be given the time it needs to ripen and resolve.

Not to leave anyone out, Haselden’s dogged pursuit of Orlov is also resolved here, but in a way that few would ever see coming. Then the story returns to what will become another mainstream alternate history story involving everyone on the ship, and all of Fedorov’s people on the Anatoly Alexandrov as well when the two story lines now finally rejoin one another. There are some great historical sketches of characters introduced for the new milieu here, and you know they are meant to come to full bloom in the action ahead. When Karpov’s story finally merges with the Fedorov plot line, something very unexpected happens, and it sets the stage for a dramatic continuation of the series that promises to be a real nail biter.

Yet to take us this far, and ripen so many of the other plot lines, the author simply runs out of room in this novel, much to my great delight. Yes, it will take another book to do the 9 Days Falling trilogy justice. Lucky you and me! This story  has just gotten better as it went along, recapturing all the flavor and conflict of the opening Kirov series trilogy, presenting great military/naval action, and spinning out a time travel mystery that is truly compelling. Grab this book from the kindle store the instant it comes out, and then hope you can hold on for the next volume that promises a head-to-head conflict that I never saw coming. Yet it will be a fitting and proper evolution to this marvelous alternate history tale. I just don’t know if I can bear what I think might happen next.

In the meantime. Enjoy digging through the Devil’s Garden, now available on Amazon. If you are new to the series don’t even think of trying to jump in at the middle. Sign aboard with the crew of the battlecruiser Kirov in book one and read them all in order. It’s really just one long 3000 page military alternate history thriller, and the best I’ve ever read.

AVAILABLE NOW. And don’t miss the extended author interview concerning this book here.

-- A. Lind

Devil’s Garden - Table of Contents - 36 Chapters, 318 pages

Day Seven
Part I – D-Day
Part II – The Eagle
Part III – Invincible
Part IV – Changes

Day Eight
Part V – Delphi
Part VI – Escape
Part VII – Tatsu Maru
Part VIII –Togo

Day Nine
Part IX – Shortwave
Part X – Lindisfarne
Part XI – Lessons Of War
Part XII – The 9th Circle


SHIP ROSTER: Devil’s Garden, (9 Days Falling Volume III)

- Adm Leonid Volsky

BCG Kirov II - Flagship - Cpt Vladimir Karpov Commanding
DDG Orlan - Cpt Yeltsin

British Fairchild Flotilla
Argos Fire - Cpt Gordon MacRae


Imperial Japanese Navy:

Flying Squadron - Port of Maizuru - Adm Kamimura
Armored Cruiser Izumo - Flag
5 Armored Cruisers
OBB Tango
OBB Mishima
Torpedo Boat Squadron 11 - Port of Amori
RMS Empress Of China
Steamer Tatsu Maru
Steamer Kanto Maru
RMS Monteagle

China Station - Weihaiwei - Adm Meux
HMS King Alfred - Flag - Cpt Clilnton Baker
HMS Kent - Cpt Maresceux


Admiral Leonid Volsky
Cpt Andre Talanov Volsky’s New Chief Of Staff
Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Karpov
Captain 2nd Rank Anton Fedorov
Captain 2nd Rank Dmitri Zolkin Ship’s Physician
Former Chief of Operations - Gennadi Orlov

Captain Lieutenant Grigori Rodenko - Radar  & Sensors
Lt.Victor Samsonov - Combat Systems
Lt. Alexi Tasarov - Sonar & ASW Ops
Jr. Lieutenant Isaak Nikolin - Communications
Sgt Kandemir Troyak - Marine Contingent
Cprl Zykov, Marine Detachment
Chief Eng Dobrynin - Propulsion Systems
Cprl/Lt Bukin - Marine Contingent
Cpt Malkin - Caspian Hovercraft Flotilla

Year 2021 -  Appearing in  the 9 Days Falling trilogy

Pavel Kamenski, Deputy Director of th KGB (Ret)
Gerasim Kapustin - Inspector General of the Russian Navy
Cpt Ivan Volkov - Russian Naval Intelligence

Adm William Ghortney
Cpt Tanner - CVBG 5
Skip Patterson XO - CVN Washington
Lt Deaken, WSO CVN Washington
Ensign Pyle, CVN Washington
Rod Leyman, White House Chief of Staff.
Lt. Commander William Reed, a defense analyst
General Henry Lane, USAF
Lt. Peter Tang - Taiwan AF
Lt. Kevin Lo - Taiwan AF
Tech Sergeant Jason Banks - Anderson AFB
Airman Thomas Knox  - Anderson AFB

Elena Fairchild, CEO
Cpt. Gordon MacRae - Argos Fire
Mack Morgan - Corporate Security and Intelligence
Lt Cmdr Dean, Executive Officer, Argos Fire
Alberto Salase, Oil Contracts Broker
Ben Flack, Chevron Inc.
Ed Murdoch aka “Mudman”, Chevron Inc.

Special Appearances in Fallen Angels & Devil’s Garden
Thomas Byrne, Reporter, London Times
Sergey Miranovich Kostrikov, aka “Mironov”
Sir Roger Ames, First Duke of Elvington
Ian Thomas - Special Assistant to the Duke
Mary Perkyn
Rector, St. Martin’s Church, Bladon, UK
Cpt. Peter Cameron - HMS Ann
Boatswain Thomas Delson - HMS Ann


Adm Bruce Fraser
Cpt John Haselden 30 Commando
Lt David Sutherland 30 Commando
Sgt Terry 30 Commando
Lieutenant Mikael Surinov, NKVD
Col Lysenko, NKVD
Commissar Molla - 58th Army District, Baku
Numerous crew members and pilots of the US Pacific Fleet
Adm. Heihachiro Togo
Adm. Kamimura
Naval Minister Saito
Cpt Kawase
Lt. John Cronyn Tovey
Adm Meux
Cpt Clinton-Baker
Mayor Proshukin of Vladivostok
Aide in Chief Tomkin
Cpt Rupert Archibald - Empress Of China
Chief Officer Samuel Robinson

All Ship’s Captains in ship list above, and Numerous minor characters.

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