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What is the Kirov Series?

The Kirov Series is a long chain of linked novels by John Schettler in the Military Alternate History  / Time Travel Genre. Like the popular movie “The Final Countdown” which saw the US Carrier Nimitz sent back in time to the eve of Pearl Harbor in 1941, in these books the powerful Russian battlecruiser Kirov is sent back to the 1940s in the Norwegian Sea where it subsequently becomes embroiled in the war. Like episodes in the never ending Star Trek series, the Kirov Saga continues through one episode after another as the ship’s position in time remains unstable. The series is arranged like a TV Miniseries and is presented in “Seasons” comprising 8 books each.

How To read  the Kirov Series? The best entry point is obviously Season 1, Book I, Kirov, where you will meet all the main characters in the series and learn their inner motivations. The series itself, however, is structured in “Seasons,” like popular TV Series, and each season is composed of 8 volumes. However, for those more interested in modern combat, a second entry point is book 1 of Season 6, Homecoming, which covers the fate of the ship and crew if they had not shifted to the past. Instead they become embroiled in an emerging WWIII.

Season 1 presents the initial adventure of Kirov after it is displaced to the past, where it soon becomes entangled with the Royal Navy in both the Atlantic and Med. After finally shifting home to 2021, the characters learn that war is imminent , an din the 9-Days Falling segment they join in a struggle to try and prevent the war from happening. The first season finale is Book 8, Armageddon.

Season 2 Begins with book 9, Altered States when the officers and crew of Kirov find the events of season 1 have caused a dramatic alteration in the flow of history. They find themselves in June of 1940, and decide to remain, attempting to return the history to its normal course, but each intervention only make things worse. Season 2 begins the long, detailed alternate history account of WWII, covering all major battles for the period 1940 - 1941. It has a dramatic conclusion in book 16, Paradox Hour.

Season 3 begins with book 17 as the war continues from July of 1941 to late 1942. Battles in North Africa like Operation Crusader, Tobruk and the Gazala Line are dramatically impacted by events that bring unexpected visitors from 2021 to the action. On the East front, Operation Barbarossa transitions into Operation Typhoon,  the battle for Moscow, and then the sudden Soviet Winter Counteroffensive. Major naval engagements in the Atlantic< Mediterranean and Arctic are also presented in great detail. For a detailed listing of what battles are depicted in each season, click on on of the season links above.

Season 4 begins with Book 25, Tigers East, as the war moved into late 1942 as the Germans drive on the Volga in  a bold attempt to knock Russia out of the war. This season will continue on through Book 32, and take the war to Mid or late 1943. This season had a heavy focus on the titanic struggle in Russia, with all major battles there covered in the action.

Season 5 will cover 1944 to the end of the war, with action in the Pacific, an alternate history D-Day landing, and a twist on Market Garden, The German counterattack,  and the Rhineland campaign. The Kirov Series therefore represents the longest and most detailed depiction of WWII in fiction ever written, and also the longest epic saga ever penned.

Season 6 closes a great loop in time as the Series comes home to its roots in 2021. It is therefore an alternate entry point for new readers, acting as a kind of prequel to the main 40 book series in WWII. This time, all the action in Season 6 is the next war, World War Three, with battles in the Norwegian Sea, Med, Black Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

Season 7 presents the future that arose from Kirov’s many interventions in the past, and shows how WWII would be fought in those altered states. It takes place in 2025, and features more advanced ships, planes and weapons for that time frame, including lasers, rail guns, drones, and advanced aircraft.


Here’s what series readers have to say about this amazing saga!


“...Lose yourself in a world riveted with exacting detail, top notch historical research, a narrative style that is utterly captivating, with characters and dialog that keep you glued to every page. The Kirov Series is a masterpiece, by a master story teller in love with this history. The author presents a world as real and visceral as the war he is writing about, and when that history alters in the whirlwind of Kirov’s many battles, the outcomes are completely convincing... This series sets a new standard for alternate history military fiction that is simply unsurpassed. Its scale and scope is simply awesome! ...”

About the Kirov Series

A sublime mix of history, imagination, and flat out great military fiction on all fronts, the Kirov Series now enters book 34, and yes there are hundreds of readers out there who have taken the entire journey, all the way from book 1. The longest continuously running story ever written, and certainly the longest alternate history, each new release takes up right where the last one left off. It’s a WWII fan’s dream come true, with a spin or two that really makes it special. The story has great characters, from the original modern era Russian ship that vanished in the Norwegian Sea, to historical figures of every stripe and on every side of the war.

The author takes us inside the heads and hearts of the principle figures of the war, from men like Churchill, Roosevelt, and Sergei Kirov, to Admirals Tovey, Lütjens, Raeder, and Yamamoto. We stand like staff officers in the planning rooms at the shoulders of Generals like Eric Manstein, Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, Bernard Montgomery and Erwin Rommel as they sketch out their strategies, fears, and challenges—events we then see lovingly depicted in prose. The series presents a depiction of WWII on every scale, from the grand strategy at one end, down to small tactical actions like tank duels between German Panzer Aces and their Russian counterparts—strategic, operational, and tactical.

It is, of course, an alternate history of WWII, as influenced by the intervention of modern day warriors on ships from the future world of 2021. Embrace that ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ and you are in for one of the most engaging and consistently excellent rides through military history that you could ever take. The author, John Schettler, was a former war game simulation designer, and admits he has spent literally tens of thousands of hours at those gaming tables, recreating battles from every era, but with a great abiding love of WWII. His lifelong interest in, and knowledge of, that history is clearly evident, for little is glossed over here. This is a serious study of the war, in spite of the Moskit II missiles ripping at the sequence of events.

Yet that strange time travel twist, so cleverly explained in mind bending segments throughout the series, seems so plausible and real that you would swear it actually happened. Make one brief leap of faith into this series at the outset and you will then be treated to some of the great what ifs of the war. How would a modern day ship of war fare against the best ships of WWII? What influence and power could it wield to shape the outcome of that conflict? In the first eight volumes, as the story was finding its legs, the battlecruiser Kirov took on all comers in virtually every theater of the war. The intrepid crew dueled with the Royal Navy in the Atlantic and Med, with the Italian Regia Marina, the Kriegsmarine, and with the Imperial Japanese Navy, including a riveting battle with perhaps the greatest ship ever built in that war, the battleship Yamato, (led by Admiral Yamamoto himself).

 Kirov tears apart the history with its forward deck burgeoning with modern day missiles, and while it seems all powerful, impervious to any threat posed by the relatively antiquated ships of WWII, every time it fights it gets weaker, expending irreplaceable missiles and slowly reaching a point of depletion. But the main characters on the ship fight with more than their missiles. Several have now jumped right in to the war, and many have become principle actors on that stage, consorting with the likes of all those Generals and statesmen mentioned above. One has even risen to lead a breakaway republic in the far east, the Free Siberian State.

A strange paradox then arises from events in the novel Altered States, (Book 9), where the ship slips in time again to a point in the war before it first arrived there. Its earlier interventions had already fragmented the history to make the outcome for the Allies look fairly grim. What if Germany had launched Operation Felix and Gibraltar had fallen? What if they then seized the Canary Islands as well? What if the Soviet Union were broken into several warring states before the war, less prepared to meet the German onslaught? What if Stalin himself had been killed as a young man, and instead Sergei Kirov rises to lead the Bolshevik movement in his place? What if Japan had invaded the Siberian far east before the war, even seizing Vladivostok? What if the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor got those sub pens and fuel bunkers, and what if there was no operation against Midway, and Japan pushed boldly through the Solomons with Operation FS (Fiji-Samoa) instead? It’s all here.

There are also strange beasts prowling the seas and skies of this alternate world. The author seems fond of “ships that never were,” including a G3 Class British Battlecruiser, new super heavy cruiser classes for the Royal Navy, a pair of sleek fast battleships for Japan, and hybrid battle carriers on every side. Then we also get a whole other layer of fascinating steampunk here due to the fact that airship technology was vastly improved and the skies over the vast Asian hinterland of Russia and Siberia are plied by another kind of navy. Here there be Zeppelins, and the action involving these great behemoths is every bit as engaging as the great naval fiction in this series. There’s simply nothing remotely like this story, with amazing breadth and detail to every aspect of the war it depicts, and every twist in the plot lines of history so convincingly presented. In Season 7, the series presents the next war in 2025 in future that arose from that altered WWII history.

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