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About The Space Between:

Karpov learns he has a missing battalion that has been operating west of Vanavara near the Tungusksa site, and investigates. The Raptors have been raiding settlements in the region and are opposed by a gritty Lieutenant Kamkoff and his men, soon reinforced by Karpov and the Siberian airship fleet. Then Fedorov and Karpov take Baikal deep into the past on a recon mission to see what the Raptors are planning and encounter more than they expected. Zykov gets another shot at some really big game.

At the same time, Admiral Volsky is leading Kirov out on its final sortie, trying to get home, but finds the ship trapped in Volkov’s world. Kirov ends up shifting from one world to the next, confronted by one foe after another with no safe port when Volkov launches a daring raid to try and capture the ship and crew.

Baikal returns to 2026 to replenish, and using a map of earth’s geomagnetic field to locate potential rift sites, Fedorov investigates an emergency in the KMA-(Kursk Magnetic Anomaly). There they learn the real scope of the emerging threat the Raptors now pose, an entire species attempting to flee from the Chicxulub event that wiped out 75% of all life on earth.

From gunplay on the ship itself, to a Nuclear exchange in the Pacific, to a rollicking Dinosaur hunt, this one has it all.

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The Kirov Series:

New readers can enter the series at two points, either Volume 1, which will lead you into the alternate history of WWII, or  Volume 41, Homecoming, th eonset of WWIII in 2021, as these volumes will be written in a way  to provide you with any info needed.

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