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How To Update Your Resume

Just send an e-mail to john@writingshop.ws and include notes for any new information you need added to your resume file. Be sure to include job title, employer, dates and city for any new job addition.

We will update the file and attach back a revised Word document.  The typical cost for an update is $10. and you can pay by Visa, MC, Amex or Discover card. We will contact you by phone when your update is ready.

What if you don’t have an Internet connection?

If you have no Internet access, and have no friend with access, you can relate details of the update by phone and we will mail you a computer disk file of the update for an additional $5.

Do you still have my resume on file?

Yes. The resume database dates back to 1991 and your resume file will be stored indefinitely as a service to you so that you will always have a backup.  You can call to request a file transfer sent to you free at any time.

All resume service and updates will be handled over the Internet via email.

Once designed and written by the Writing Shop your resume files join thousands of others and receive our free lifetime backup and storage. You may therefore choose to update your documents at any time in the future at nominal rates.

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