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About Whirlwind:

The war that began in 2025 now reaches its conclusion in the Pacific as the US deploys a startling new weapon that will hunt down the Last Dragons. In a stunning preview of things to come, it now threatens to rewrite the book on Naval Warfare and ironically,  it may also end the long reign of the big deck carriers. Now Sun Wei, Zheng Bao and Wu Jinlong fight their final battles as Admiral Cook leads his carriers into the East China Sea. Includes a full assessment of the weapons and tactics that decided the outcome, and losses sustained by both sides.
   Then, Fedorov and Karpov plan and launch their dangerous mission to 1908 to try and save Sergei Kirov and eliminate the daunting influence of Ivan Volkov. As Admiral Volsky takes command of Kirov, Fedorov tries the back stairway at Ilanskiy, while Karpov leads the bulk of the mission force to Tunguska on the airship Baikal. Soon both ends of the mission meet unexpected difficulties and complications, as Volkov maneuvers to eliminate his enemies and secure his timeline as the only future that could possibly arise from these events.

New Readers Welcome!

   This is the war in 2025 of the Kirov Series, written in a way to welcome new readers interested in modern Naval Air combat in a great power conflict that may be on our doorstep. The main Kirov Series devoted 40 volumes to action set in the Second World War, followed by 8 volumes depicting the war in 2021 on the original timeline. In effect, it tells what would have happened to the ship if it had not shifted to the past in book 1 of the main series.  In this segment of the saga, we get World War Three as it happened in the future that arose from the alternate history of WWII. Therefore, new readers do not need to read the mainstream 40 volume Kirov Series, and can enter the Next War segment by just starting with book 41, Homecoming. The last book in that 8 book season, Tangent Fire, is then a bridge novel to the war in 2025 in the future that arose from Kirov’s many interventions in the past.  Everything you need to know is recapped by the author to bring you up to speed. When this segment concludes, you can then jump back to book 1 and take the ride to WWII.



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The Kirov Series:

New readers can enter the series with volume 41, Homecoming, as these volumes will be written in a way  to provide you with any info needed.

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