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Starfall - Operation Comet was first devised in the real history to look for bridges over the Rhine between Arnhem and Wesel, and it eventually became the more well-known Market-Garden operation. Now the plan is dramatically revised to seize a more compelling objective. The small breakout near Poppering in the Pas-de-Calais had presented an opportunity for the Allies to try and push through to the vital port of Antwerp. Yet to prevent the Germans from demolishing it before they get there, Boy Browning now leads the 1st Airborne Army into Belgium and Holland to seize the port, along with the two great islands that command the Scheldt estuary, Walcheren and South Beveland.

After over twenty fruitless proposals for airborne operations, Eisenhower finally has a plan he can believe in, for the Allies desperately need that great deep-water port, the largest in all of Europe at that time. Now the operation that once went “a bridge too far” in the old history will be aimed at the greatest strategic prizes of the war. They will get more than one chance before this volume ends, leading us to the fortified Siegfried Line and the race to the Rhine.

As the skies fill with parachutes, Karpov and Fedorov meet with something quite unexpected in the heat and fire of their airship duel with the Germans over the frozen ice fields of Greenland.


Kirov Saga: 39

John Schettler

Part I – The Sons of Muspell
Part II – A Falling Star
Part III – Antwerp
Part IV – Stalemate
Part V – The Great Gale
Part VI – Steamroller
Part VII – A Nightmare of Choice
Part VIII– The Race to the Reich
Part IX – Hinge of Fate
Part X – Jump the Rhine
Part XI – The Sea Hound
Part XII – Dream Within a Dream

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Welcome Aboard!

You are now setting foot on the deck of the longest running story ever written! Beginning with the breakthrough novel Kirov (Book 1) to the latest book Breakout (Volume 38), this epic story now exceeds 12,100 pages, and 4 million words! That is over twice as long as Marcel Proust’s “ In search of Lost Time,”  which topped out at 4,215 pages, three times longer than the entire George Martin Game of Thrones series, and  six times longer than War & Peace. While not posing as high literature, these books are a good deal more exciting than Proust or Tolstoy, presenting a richly textured alternate history of WWII.

Arranged in “seasons” of 8 volumes each, the story is now in Season 5, slowly retelling the history of the Second World War, burned and blackened by the awesome power of the most powerful surface ship in the world, the battlecruiser Kirov. After a strange accident displaces the ship in time, the officers and crew begin their marathon journey through WWII, soon finding that their interventions are drastically altering the history of all future time, and imperiling their very own existence as the future they came from can no longer take shape from the shattered meridians of time.

Loyal readers  have eagerly supported the story from Book 1. Originally conceived as a naval thriller, the series has expanded to include all the major land battles of WWII as it progresses through the history, but with a twist. Here the Germans invade Spain and take both Gibraltar and Malta. Hitler orders Operation Orient and sends Guderian into the Middle east. The battle lines go all the way to Baghdad in Iraq! Operation Overlord does not land where you might expect it, and there are many other surprises in the alternate history. See a list of all battles covered by visiting the “season” links to the right to learn more about the books in  this amazing series, which releases a new novel every 60 days to continue the alternate history.

The series is so massive that its subplots create entire standalone novels! Many of the individual campaigns that were presented in segments spanning five to ten novels have been concentrated into one uninterrupted volume. These so called “Battle Books” cover each of the major theaters of the war. (See the banners below)

36 Chapters
320 Pages

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Browse the seasons to see the epic scope and detail of this series. View video book trailers, battle maps, and learn about the history and battles covered, on land, air and sea.


Kirov- Jan 2012
Cauldron of Fire
Pacific Storm
Men Of War
9 Days Falling
Fallen Angels
Devil’s Garden


Altered States - Nov 2013
Darkest Hour - Jan 2014
Hinge of Fate - Mar 2014
Three Kings - May 2014
Grand Alliance - Jul 2014
Hammer of God - Sep 2014
Crescendo of Doom - Nov 2014
Paradox Hour - Jan 2014


Doppelganger - Mar 2015
Nemesis - May 2015
Winter Storm - Jul 2015
Tide of Fortune - Sep 2015
Knight’s Move - Nov 2015
Turning Point - Jan 2016
Steel Reign - Mar 2016
Second Front  - May 2016


Tigers East! Jul 2016
Thor’s Anvil - Sep, 2016
1943 - Nov, 2016
Lions at Dawn - Jan, 2017
Stormtide Rising - Mar, 2017
Ironfall - May 2017
Nexus Deep - Jul 2017
Prime Meridian- Oct 2017

Prime Meridian Oct 2017
Event Horizon - Dec 2017
Dragonfall - Feb 2018

1944 - Apr 2018
The Tempest - Jun 2018
Breakout - Aug 2018
Starfall - Oct 2018
More to come...


“...Lose yourself in a world riveted with exacting detail, top notch historical research, a narrative style that is utterly captivating, with characters and dialog that keep you glued to every page. The Kirov Series is a masterpiece, by a master story teller in love with this history. The author presents a world as real and visceral as the war he is writing about, and when that history alters in the whirlwind of Kirov’s many battles, the outcomes are completely convincing... This series sets a new standard for alternate history military fiction that is simply unsurpassed. Its scale and scope is simply awesome! ...”

Read about all the major Characters, the officers and Crew of the battlecruiser Kirov

SPECIAL EDITION:  Keyholder’s Saga, Volume 1

Field of Glory-PromoBanner-1001

With its roots first penned in Season 1 of the Kirov Series, the Author has opened with those 6 chapters here and then added 30 more all new chapters to present volume 1 in the Keyholder’s Saga. Follow Sir Roger Ames through a hidden passage beneath Lindisfarne that takes him to the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. There he engages with a long time rival and nemesis, one Jean Michel Fortier, as the two men, both having knowledge of history’s verdict on this campaign, now struggle to change the outcome to suit their own liking.
This book is a complete stand-alone novel, and new readers do not need to have any knowledge of the Kirov Series books to enjoy it.

BATTLE BOOKS:  Kirov Series Battle Books

Get all the action on fronts you are most interested in with Kirov Series Special Edition Battle books! With chapters extracted from volumes throughout the series, these extended length editions present about 500 pages of action dedicated to a specific theater of the war.  Foxbane, covers all the action in the desert war as Rommel battles O’Connor and Montgomery in North Africa, and continues in Foxbane II. Vendetta Presents every chapter dedicated to the long running duel between Karpov and Volkov, and all the airship and related ground battles over Ilanskiy. Roll of Thunder presents the Pacific War, Vol. I,  from Pearl Harbor to the Invasion of Java, which continues in Sea of Fire.

Roll Of Thunder-PromoBanner-1001

New to the Kirov Series? Take advantage of this special promotional price and get the exciting opening trilogy, 3 full length novels , over 1000 pages of riveting naval fiction for just $9.99




“Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, ~ The Shadow of the Wind







Novel - Meridian By John Schettler


Nexus Point

Touchstone -

Anvil of Fate

Golem 7









Wild Zone

Mother Heart


Khan Tengri

Dream Reaper




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